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  1. Hi there, one question: 458 Liberty Walk is mentioned in car list files, but the 458 stock doesn't have this kit in tune shop. Is there any other 458 version in game that supports LB upgrade?
  2. Yeah, I know, but I would like to learn more about
  3. Hi Djey, I am editing my TDU Platinum database with your tool which is easy to use, but the problem is when I want to add cars without any replacing. In fact to be honest I can't understand which parameter or data I have to modify, considering that I have read each and every tutorial in your wikiguide, but anything I found for this contest. What can I do to solve that problem? And yeah, It my first time in order to approach the game editing, so sorry for my noob question.
  4. Thank you for your answer, I solved that problem. Now I am being able to understand if there is a way to add something (cars or bodykits without any replacements), but for now I enjoy this epic mod as you have created before. Really thanks again
  5. Hi there, I've tried to replace the nismo bodykit of 240sx with a sil80 mod from hf garage, but it shows itselfs without any tyres: how could I fix it,please?
  6. Yeah, I just play without any help settings, but unfortunately with automatic gears because my pad keys I usually use for manual don't work. I'd like to drift just in the beginning, since I've bought a s13 for this reason
  7. Hi there, instead of the other users I have no problems with this epic mod and it works all perfectly. Only two questions about: is there any chance to drift in this game with a right setup or something else? And the last question is more a suggestion, will we see a S14 Silvia on TDU Platinum, maybe with bodykits too? Thank you in advance for your answers.
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