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  1. Also should get around to fixing the prices for the AMG GT and SLS AMG; the AMG GT is over $350k and the SLS is over $450k in-game but shouldn't be.
  2. Hey guys, new account here, first of all want to say thanks to all the hero modders who contributed to Platinum. I tried vanilla TDU a few years ago but ran into the problem where it never saved my profile. When I saw Platinum I decided to try again and this time it worked. I definitely took a double-take and laughed at this. I'm an itasha fan but I didn't think you would actually sneak an itasha into the mod. And it is glorious. Pretty fucking sugoi. What you have to do is cheese the event with the R34 Skyline GT-R with a Stage 3 tune. It might be the fastest car in the entire class even with all the Platinum cars. Initially I tried to play this game with a wheel and sequential shifter but after getting frustrated and looking up some YouTube videos, I switched to keyboard and manual + clutch. It still feels dirty playing a racing game with a keyboard when I have my wheel literally sitting next to my keyboard on my desk. That event was pretty ass, though. Might be one of the hardest events in the whole game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ICu2kclSL8
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