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  1. in my launcher, it states i have the v0.06R version. i don't know if it makes a big difference to 0.061R, but online works for me. maybe try turning on online interactions in options>game settings>allow online interactions "yes" if you can't players on the map, they may be doing the championships/races, inside dealerships, or in their houses. i think they won't show up on the map that way. they will only show when they're free roaming. otherwise, there are just very few or no players at all, especially on weekdays. when online was still alive, there were a lot more player
  2. check your spam folder on your email, confirmation email was there for me
    Y'all have done a phenomenal work!!! One thing though: I'm trying to register for my TDU world account, but I don't receive the activation email. I'm trying to get it to resend numerous times now but still nothing. Should I just keep waiting? My bad if this is not the place to ask questions
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