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  1. Hi again ! Is there any option of solve this problem?
  2. Hello! I have used my X360 controller and it work well, like always. But, trying to use the keyboard, no matter what key I assign to accelator that the car don't move. It's like the accelerate order was "bloked". Any idea of whats going on ? Could be for using the X360 controller ?
  3. Anyone knows how yo solve this problem ? I have tried with other rima, but with 250 GTO And Shelby Daytona rims It still happens
  4. What do you think that I can test ? In the car files ( Is a Zenvo ST-1 from HF Garage) it says to modify Suspension Height, but i don't find it in TDUF
  5. Which parameter I need to modify in TDUT in order to make the car lower to fit to the rims ?? Height ?
  6. Any idea of how can I modify TDU_rims.db for a car I want to add replacing a TDU Custom one ?
  7. It worked perfecty!!! Thanks for the reply and for creating the editor lol
  8. is there any option of use a .tdupk without using TDU PE ? Or can the TDU PE be used without crashing the game ?
  9. I've noticed that there are files for F40 LM and F50 GT but when you carry it to the tunning shop, this cars don't appear. Is there any problem with it ?
  10. Is there any options of purchase the Cadillac Cien ? I know it was replaced by W Lykan, but, in Bnk are 2 pairs of data of Ciens, so It seems that It could be purschased
  11. I take the Veyron to it´s tunnig shop and the game said that it couldn't be upgrated, that's why I,m asking. Do you know why ? By the way, amazing job doing this mod and i understand that you don't want to add more cars whit all the work you've done
  12. Is there any options of hace new tunning packs like Veyron SS un a future update? Or NEw lcars like GTA Spano or someone else ???
  13. They're tunning packs for the Cars that You buy in the dealers like Supras, M3s, Skylines....
  14. I've done it but i dont know why, it ony works with TestDriveUnlimitedOld.exe. Thanks for the reply !!
  15. Hello, I used TDUPE to mod Noble M12-GTO into a Gumpert Apollo And the Game crashed. After that I gestores my computer And it is still crashing. Any suggestions about what can I do ?? Sorry for muy english
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