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  1. (Please write normally, without the code block next time.) Did you tried 4GBs Exes? they're in the patch, under the "4gbs executive" folder.
  2. Just installed it and it fixed the lag spiked problems I had. Thank you Anyway, I have some more bug reports (I'll edit this post whenever I'll find more): • Swimsuit don't work; the character stays invisible, at least at Semporio's. • Honda S2000 Mark V's shadows are broken.
  3. I wanna thank you for releasing this mod, but after 1.06 I'm encountering a weird bug: at random, the game framerate drops drastically, and if the sun is anywhere near the screen, it increases the bloom to the point of looking like an atomic explosion. on the launcher, I'm not using any FX tweak (though the bug also happens on the "HD" tweak setting); but I'm using both the vsync and "big .bnk".
    A must-own modpack for Test Drive Unlimited. Saying anything more would be superfluous, but this mod is simply brilliant.
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