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  1. Actually you can buy a EB110SS and go to tuning shop and it becomes the Edonis
  2. right click the file and make a copy to your google drive. It bypasses the download limit by making it your own
  3. I restore the backup database everytime I open it to ensure that it's not my problem editing it first. And so far, the IKs still changes everytime I just open it via every TDU tools. I even reinstall the game and same issue happened. (p.s. I am using the tool provided in the TDU platinum archive) The only workaround is literally don't touch the database...(But I really want to add some cars to the game)
  4. No matter what I try, whatever any tools I am using(TDUPE,TDU modding tools), IKs of new cars always show default bike instead of the new IK (I've replaced the database with normal IK, delete any temp file and json cache before I start using any of these tools.
  5. I finally find the problem why so many of the IKs of the cars are broken. It is because TDUF can't read IKs' vaule that is more than 1024 at initial launch. The IK value will be changed to 666 (which is default bike) when TDUF tries to create json-cache, but you can change all these wrong IK back to the respective IK and save normally. @Milli can you try to delete the json-cache folder and see if the problem really exist on other user? Because it bugs be every time I open TDUF.
  6. Some cars are hidden in their tuning shop. For example, when you get a SL65 into the tuning shop, you can "tune" it to become a SL65 Black Series
  7. So IDK why but some of the cars' IK has changed to "Default Bike" itself when I open TDUF and TDU modding tool (just changing some performance figure and not messing other things) And also the Centenario's driver has a weird head position(his body and hands are fine)
  8. Try the 4gb Executables inside the patch. It solves my freeze problem
  9. bug report: the caterham 620R has a wrong IK
  10. When I enter a bike race, it ends up with a black screen. Does anyone have the same issue or is it just me?(I have modded some cars, but not the bike) edit: That's my problem editing the database, problem solved after restored the database
  11. You need to change the item in carphysics file everytime you make a change in tdupe. The detailed tutorial is already on the first page
  12. thank you. I want to look at the performance of each car because the RUF CTR2 has some weird performance(wheels spinning in all gears)
  13. Get some question I want to ask: 1. Is it possible to add a custom car to the tuning shop just like this mod does? I want to add a BMW M2 to the 1 series M. 2. How to use TDUPE to change the performance of added cars? I can't see any of these added cars in the TDUPE. (p.s. I'm new to this community so sorry for being ignorant)
  14. He post an announcement in youtube that he is playing this TDUP live and I found this patch
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