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  1. Hi! Where can I find the off-road tracks shown in this TDU Platinum trailer at 2:50 and 3:30?
  2. Thanks for the tutorial, very useful! There's some things though I'd like to change and I do not know how to do it, these are gearshift, horn, windows and door sounds. I see some car soundbanks with custom sounds for the above (also, with some soundbanks windows sounds are missing in-game), but I can't figure out where to set them, are those set in CarVSTConfig.xmb or somewhere else?
  3. It's now possible, see this
  4. I see, thanks for the reply...Also, I'd like to ask you how could I change the type of a race, for example, from Race Event to Time Trial?
  5. Thanks for your work, friend, it's the very interesting project! I have an issue though, maybe you could advise me with this. It's not directly related to bots speed, but their ability to drive the Oahu Raceway. They cannot do the full lap , and always get stuck at the checkpoint placed near the entrance to the raceway. They drive the rest of the track no problem, but just can't get past this part of the raceway, no matter how I place the checkpoints, so there's no way to race them with multiple laps. Is this a fundamental game flaw or there may be a way to fix this, how do you think?
    Thank you, this mod is awesome and really enriches the offline experience! Could you please explain how to create new races and play them with bots (and if this is possible at all)? When I hit New in the editor and create a new race, it plays fine in Test Drive mode, but then I exit the editor and the new race is nowhere to be found, it doesn't appear in the map. In the editor, my new race appears as Mission Honolulu regardless of how I named it, and this race is empty. I really want to create the proper race with bots for the Ford Racetrack or the Oahu Raceway, but I cant. Thank you again and best regards!
  6. Try the ENBInjector method from here https://reshade.me/forum/general-discussion/1267-using-additional-dll-files#9409 First it didn't work for me, but after closing Fraps it does. Now I have TDU Platinum with working ReShade 4.2.1. But, still, ENBInjector works somewhat random. In most cases it does inject ReShade32.dll, but sometimes it doesn't. Not sure why.
  7. SneakiestDuke68 Try closing Fraps or other overlays. Closing Fraps worked for me (TDU+PP+ReShade 4.2.1). ENBInjector seems to work somewhat random anyway, but in most cases it does. Also, I kept editing enbinjector.ini, adding all exes from TDU folder several times under different ProcessNames, but it's unlikely that it has any impact.
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