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Files posted by fhqwhgads

  1. Free

    Test Drive Unlimited PS2 UI Sounds

    Replaces Test Drive Unlimited's UI sounds with the sounds from the PS2 port when applicable. For those who want a different soundscape, or want more of the PS2 menu experience.
    If you use another countdown replacer mod and wish to keep it, you will have to add them to this file with TDUMT. If you don't know how, there's instructions in the Readme. This file contains a version with my Gran Turismo countdown replacer in it.
    Preview (From a work in progress version. Contains most of the prominent sounds. will make a proper one soon)
    Sounds replaced:
    General UI navigation (Item selecion, confirm, decline etc.) General map navigation (Point select, filter tab, waypoint etc.) In-game sounds (GPS popup, countdown, checkpoint) In-game menu sounds  
    Known issues/inconsistencies
    Some PS2 sounds don't have an equivalent in the 360/PC version, and vice versa. (For example the difficulty/reward popup in the PS2 pre-race menu) Audio sliders use the in-game menu navigation sounds even though they have a separate entry in sounds.ini, so I opted to use the in-game menu SFX over it. If you spot any missing/out of place sounds, feel free to report it. I'm unsure if I'll be able to get some online-exclusive SFX though, if there are any.
    Recommended mods:
    Redwave's PS2 menu music. Because TDU PS2 has an awesome soundtrack, and this mod goes hand-in-hand with it.


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  2. Free

    TDU Gran Turismo Countdown Replacer

    Small mod that replaces the "3, 2, 1, Go!" with Gran Turismo's iconic countdown noise.
    Optionally replaces the "Start your engines" dialog with some Gran Turismo race start jingles.
    Although it was made for Platinum, it should work with Vanilla as well.
    Update Preview:
    Original & GT2 Only Preview: 
    Polyphony Digital - Countdown noise and start jingle (Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2, Gran Turismo 3, Gran Turismo 4)


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  3. Free

    TDU - Quieter Transmission Whine

    A redux version of a mod I posted on the Discord originally. Uploaded to TurboDuck for permanence.
    This mod reduces all transmission whine (except from reversing) by ~50% normally, or ~80% for the quieter option. It's at a volume that's still audible, but not louder than the engine audio. The main version is recommended since the quieter version can barely be heard.
    Preview (of the main version)
    If I messed something up, please report it. The quieter version was untested, and I don't use this mod when I play.


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