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  1. TDU - Quieter Transmission Whine

    A redux version of a mod I posted on the Discord originally. Uploaded to TurboDuck for permanence.

    This mod reduces all transmission whine (except from reversing) by ~50% normally, or ~80% for the quieter option. It's at a volume that's still audible, but not louder than the engine audio. The main version is recommended since the quieter version can barely be heard.

    Preview (of the main version)

    If I messed something up, please report it. The quieter version was untested, and I don't use this mod when I play.


  2. Test Drive Unlimited PS2 UI Sounds

    Replaces Test Drive Unlimited's UI sounds with the sounds from the PS2 port when applicable. For those who want a different soundscape, or want more of the PS2 menu experience.


    If you use another countdown replacer mod and wish to keep it, you will have to add them to this file with TDUMT. If you don't know how, there's instructions in the Readme. This file contains a version with my Gran Turismo countdown replacer in it.

    Preview (From a work in progress version. Contains most of the prominent sounds. will make a proper one soon)


    Sounds replaced:

    • General UI navigation (Item selecion, confirm, decline etc.)
    • General map navigation (Point select, filter tab, waypoint etc.)
    • In-game sounds (GPS popup, countdown, checkpoint)
    • In-game menu sounds


    Known issues/inconsistencies

    • Some PS2 sounds don't have an equivalent in the 360/PC version, and vice versa. (For example the difficulty/reward popup in the PS2 pre-race menu)
    • Audio sliders use the in-game menu navigation sounds even though they have a separate entry in sounds.ini, so I opted to use the in-game menu SFX over it.

    If you spot any missing/out of place sounds, feel free to report it. I'm unsure if I'll be able to get some online-exclusive SFX though, if there are any.

    Recommended mods:

    Redwave's PS2 menu music. Because TDU PS2 has an awesome soundtrack, and this mod goes hand-in-hand with it.


  3. 40 minutes ago, Fround said:

    how can i limit it using Nvidia Inspector? do you mean this program or am i missing something.


    Yeah, click on the little wrench and screwdriver next to your driver version. It's been a bit since I used it, but there should be a profiles drop-down at the top so you can select TestDriveUnlimited.exe to edit that specific profile. Then in the list of driver settings there should be an option for framerate limit in there. You should be able to select from a bunch of different framerate values in there.

  4. 1 hour ago, Andrew91 said:

    I feel bad for having so many questions lol 😞


    It's okay to have questions, Platinum is a big mod!

    About the Triumph dealer, I moreso meant that I was unsure if it was intentional or not. I haven't checked it myself

    As for the custom cars, I haven't added any yet myself but there's a bit of a tutorial in the Ultra Community Pack files, afaik it's the same for Platinum. You should be able to use any car for the slots, you'll have to replace the custom car files with the car of your choice. Then you'll have to set up the performance and wheels with TDUPE/TDUF from the mod toolkit.

    And for garage space, I'm unsure. Maybe there is enough for at least all of the dealership cars and a few hidden cars.

    Custom Car Tutorial.txt

  5. 7 hours ago, Andrew91 said:

    Hey guys, I saw this mod on Youtube and bought TDU straight for my PC (eventhough i have it for PSP and PS2). Installed the mod and it is all fine. I already explored all Dealers.

    I have a few things to mention and ask.


    1. Unsure about the Triumph dealer

    2. The BMW bike dealer being a car dealer is intentional, there was no more dealer space.

    3. Those are slots for you to add in your own cars. There's 2 Platinum dealers for a total of 10 slots.

    4. Hidden cars are acquired from the tuning shop. For example 


    You can turn the classic Beetle into a Karmann Ghia, or a Bugatti Chiron into a Divo.

    5. There are several cars that are unlocked through game completion, like completing all challenges or races. They can still be viewed in the dealers.

  6. 6 hours ago, Nexxus said:

    Do you mean the HD fx tweak?

    Or is there some other HD thing I am misremembering?

    In the Platinum extras folder, there's a folder for Patch HD for TDU Platinum. It's used to increase draw distance I believe but from my experience using it, it also has a big framerate impact. iirc, it's also recommended to not use Project Paradise's HD fx tweak with Platinum either, though I didn't have many performance issues when I did use it.

    5 hours ago, CRK said:

    It happens after some minutes playing

    I´m playing with the latest update

    I didn´t find these executables

    Download the update here if you haven't. Inside the extras folder there's a folder for the 4gb executables. Replace the game's .exe files with these. It will also fix framerate issues you may have down the line.

    55 minutes ago, TyramWolf said:

    There seems to be a glitch in where if you do a vehicle transport mission, there will be at times where if you're driving perfectly, the game removes $200-500 worth of the original amount that you were promised as if you've either crashed into a car or go out of bounds.



    Also, I want the Honda Civic EG6 in the game lol

    I've noticed this happens sometimes too, and it is a bit frustrating. As for new cars, more will not be added to Platinum. There are 10 free slots to add your own however.

  7. 14 hours ago, knakikrakot said:

    Hi! Thank you guy for this amazing work. Used to play TDU a long time ago and it's a pleasure to enjoy again cruising in Hawaii!

    I just have one question: did you remap and config all races? I don't recall the races like that or is it me !? And UI level seems harder too.

    Is there any chance to put again the original races back and original UI to try it out again? Kids would appreciate it 😉 Thanks!

    Keep it up!


    Did you play on PS2 by chance? It was very different from the PC/360 versions.

    12 hours ago, CRK said:

    It's already enabled on Project Paradise

    I tried enabling on my gpu settings and both cases the same problem happened 

    I think I'm crashing on traffic cars that didn't rendered 

    There are certain races that this happens, like speedtrap one

    Sorry for the bad english

    Don't worry about your English, it's quite good!

    Does it happen immediately after starting, or after a while? Try using the 4gb executables from the update if you aren't. Otherwise it may be an issue with a traffic car file, if you're noticing some traffic vehicles aren't appearing.

  8. 2 hours ago, KiiDxZero1 said:

    its wanting to hook up to the old company server. Not the moding server

    Are you sure it's trying to connect to the Atari servers? Even if you use Project Paradise, it will still say that it's connecting to the Test Drive server. The in-game messages are the same.

    If you can, make an offline profile to verify that Project Paradise is working. If it is, the version number at the main menu and FPS counter should say TDU 0.03A. If you still can't connect, you may need to port forward. Check My Documents/Test Drive Unlimited and there should be a file upnp.txt that will tell you.

  9. 33 minutes ago, KiiDxZero1 said:

    i already run it as admin, can you link me a better paradise, i just dont know what to do anymore tbh

    If you're using the one from Platinum it should work fine. If you were able to run it before, you might have to reinstall. Make sure you follow HGCentral's install guide. If you get the game to launch, you need big bnk active in Project Paradise's launcher.

    Otherwise, it could possibly be an issue with software like Rivatuner that hooks into the game's renderer causing issues. Also make sure you're not running any compatibility modes for any of the executables.

  10. 1 hour ago, dwal3 said:

    Ignore that last message, fixed the issue.

    I have come across a bug though.

    At the end of the race 'Halawai Boulevard' you can't select anything. Plus there is AI traffic on the circuit, which is hilarious.

    Is that a known game bug, or a bug with the mod?

    Is the camera still in the game camera post-race? Occasionally the game can get stuck post race, might be a game bug. It's a good idea to have a second profile ready so when this happens you can just return to the menu by changing profiles. You will usually (in my experience with this bug) still get the race rewards.

    Also, some races will have AI traffic. This means that you can also get chased (and ticketed) by the police mid-race, regardless of if your profile is an online or offline profile.

  11. 53 minutes ago, PlayerX1994 said:

    Hey, I seem to have a problem with my game. Essentially the game won't load any icons in the map. They're still there and can still be clicked on, but it won't display any information about the icons. Interestingly enough for car dealerships the logos work, but it's just the information won't display. It says it's loading, but it won't load.

    I've already tried reinstalling bits and pieces, and using the 4gb Exes, since i'm on a 64bit installation of Windows 10. Nothing seems to work. I don't know what to do at this point. Do I need to re-download the mod and try again?



    Are you using a controller for map controls? Using a gamepad for the map will cause the cursor to slightly move constantly, and it makes that preview window update constantly. As a result, it won't display anything in the preview window.

  12. 1 hour ago, RacingPro94 said:

    ik that why im asking for help? please dont bother me Milli you where extremely rude to me and want nothing to do with people like that, i asked for simple help and you cut me down like im stupid?? lucky i dont report you, im new to all this and just asked for help? no excuse Milli your an Administrator smh honestly...but anyways ive tried closing all overlays like the instruction told me but it still wont start, gets up to the white atari intro screen and crashes to desktop? ive read all forums with support but nothing seems to work?

    Well, to be honest the fact that you said that Project Paradise wasn't working and then said you deleted d3d9.dll, I'd say that Milli told you something that you, in fact, didn't know. The fact that the Atari screen pops up at all is also an indication that Project Paradise isn't working since it skips it. The FPS counter will be the only thing that WILL work without d3d9.dll. Best not to start calling people trying to help you rude, especially since half of the job of mod authors is tech support. Some MAs have up and quit because of it.

    Anyways, if d3d9.dll still doesn't work could be your Antivirus is blocking it or something similar.

  13. 16 minutes ago, Chemical-Drift said:

    A quick question I didn't see in the FAQ:

    Does the Platinum mod automatically come with the Project Paradise files? Or do I need to separately install them too? The game says that the TDU servers are available, but I don't see anyone on the map, so color me a tad confused.

    Project Paradise is included in the Platinum files. If you don't see players, you might have to port forward. Check the Test Drive Unlimited folder in My Documents for upnp.txt, it will tell you.

  14. 3 hours ago, RacingPro94 said:

    so my project paradise isnt working? ive tried everything but fuel wont work, f keys wont register? can anyone help please...


    3 hours ago, RacingPro94 said:

    its not allowing me too see all cars in platinum mod? 

    Are you running Project Paradise as admin? Also, you will need to enable Big Bnk in the Project Paradise launcher for Platinum.

  15. 6 hours ago, VanillaPanda said:

    OK, I think I have found a work around for when you can't press "Next" after winning a race. I've just done "Head To Head Is The Only Way" twice, and had the error where you can't press next, but when you move the mouse, it moves the camera around at the finish line. This has happened both times. 

    The first time, I tried to press next and it didn't work, exited the game and it didn't give me the reward or show the race as complete when reloaded.

    The second time, I left the game running, and eventually the second place guy "Colt" crossed the finish line and stopped 520 yards ahead, off the screen - the other cars never seemed to finish the race, despite me waiting for about a minute. On exiting and restarting the game (via the ESC menu), I had received the reward money and race completion gold cup.

    If others encounter this issue, perhaps try letting the 2nd place guy finish before exiting the game via the ESC menu, and see if this works.

    I had this issue before, and was able to get it pretty reliably a couple weeks ago. At first I suspected that it had to do with attempting to shift after race completion, but I haven't been able to replicate it. I was using an Xbox One controller with the Xbox 360 control scheme with auto-clutch, so Y was upshift and B was downshift. I haven't had it happen since I disabled auto-clutch and changed the controls a bit.


    Also, you don't have to quit the game completely, just changing profiles will work.

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