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  1. Hopefully they learned from that. We dont need anymore big open world racers with shit handling.
  2. Lead director has worked on TDU1 before so hopefully he knows what he's doing.
  3. I see. That's why I was asking how did you edit the event properties of the races in the game, maybe I can change the AI car spawns for each race since I switched up many car classes around. What tool did you use? TDUF doesn't seem to have an IGE editor or anything like that.
  4. Hello Milli wonderful work you've done with this modpack. You've made this game a brand new experience not just once with the UCP but outdid yourself with this mod, I'm very glad about its release. I was wondering though, how did you edit the events in the game? I've changed a few car classes around and it looks like they're heavily interfering with bot spawning and caused the game to crash when loading races. TDUF doesn't have an IGE editor that I know of so I'm very curious how you did it. Thank you in advance.
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