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  1. so ive figured out the issue thank Milli sorry again...so to anyone else having issues with cars no appearing or Project Paradice isnt working correctly? please Like Milli Explained turn off all compatibility mode for all tdu .exe files. Thanks Again for the Help everyone and sorry i got off on ther wrong foot around here, you guys that make these mods are what keeps this amazing game alive
  2. ive already apologized....i didnt mean to be rude to anyone...anyways ive put it under exemptions for my ainti virus also, ive read the readme with the support but none of them worked? ive clean installed everything last night again and still same issue? works perfectly unmodded and with patch 1.66a and Megapack
  3. hate me all you want just for asking questions, im sorry i blew up...ive reinstalled everything last night Milli, I did everything you told me to look for and do and it still wont launched...your right its most likely my system, im not rich and can afford 2 grand computers.... game runs perfectly vanilla and with 1.66a and mega-pack, i agree its project paradise, im new to the modding thing, thats why i ask retarded questions...ill leave sorry to everyone
  4. ik that why im asking for help? please dont bother me Milli you where extremely rude to me and want nothing to do with people like that, i asked for simple help and you cut me down like im stupid?? lucky i dont report you, im new to all this and just asked for help? no excuse Milli your an Administrator smh honestly...but anyways ive tried closing all overlays like the instruction told me but it still wont start, gets up to the white atari intro screen and crashes to desktop? ive read all forums with support but nothing seems to work?
  5. yes ive done that multiple times, the only thing that works is vsync and fps bar nothing else runs with project paradice, f keys dont respond, fuel wont work nor some cars dont show up, ive tried everything but nothing?..
  6. yes i do i also have that enabled? it doesn't even seem to work other than the fps bar and vsync? i load my game and some cars are not showing up? none of the F keys register any of the commands for it? plus fuel also doesn't work nor the enter button to teleport to nearest gas station? ive reinstalled everything and still crashes if i leave that d3d9.dll, i also have all overlays off to try and help and it still wont work? Any help would truly be appreciated ive been asking around and nobody helps just gets mad or upset? only time it works somwhat is when i remove that d3d9.dll file?
  7. so my project paradise isnt working? ive tried everything but fuel wont work, f keys wont register? can anyone help please...
  8. So I’ve installed this mod and for some reason certain cars won’t show up? There invisible almost, so I click on the and the game crashes? Can anyone help please?
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