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  1. Ryzza5, thanks for the answer.
  2. Hello. I will be brief. I’m in a forum where everyone knows the game of TDU 2, so there’s no need to explain the basics. I need a way (patch, fix, anything) in order to go offline to those places and competitions that write that "you must be online to access the network functions of the game." Who has it - share it. Who can do, or suggest a practical thought - do it, or tell me.I hope the answer is weak, but I wrote.Salute to everyone!
  3. Спасибо Adm-RAL ! Если я еще когда-нибудь буду ставить UP, то воспользуюсь обязательно. По случаю, хочу задать вопрос. Скажи, если знаешь, существует ли способ (фикс, патч, что угодно), чтобы разблокировать красные значки без подключения к сети ? Там, в меню есть две опции - пробный заезд и смена транспорта, которые к сети не имеют никакого отношения, и которые лично мне очень хотелось-бы иметь. В свое время я уговаривал одного человека сделать это и для себя понял, что это возможно, но пришел крю и все опошлил - всем стало не до ТДУ2.
  4. StarGT, извините, что только сейчас увидел Ваш вопрос. Я совершенно не владею английским и не знаю, как выставить оповещения. К сожалению, в данное время у меня не установлено ни одной сборки на основании UP4, и нет возможности детально обсудить тот или иной мод. На память могу привести следующие примеры: это МХ-5, который совершенно очевидно висит в воздухе, а не стоит колесами на грунте, это Countach, которому приходится выставлять 13" диски, чтобы колеса выглядели колесами, а не непонятно чем, это Alfa 4C, у которой по непонятной причине несколько раз (а именно - два) отваливалась дверь с водительской стороны (правда, это уже не 1.73, но тем не менее..). Можно было-бы поговорить о машинах, которые неуместны в этой игре, таких как Delta S4 (чит-тачка), F2012 (зачем она здесь), Spyker C12 (почти копия D8). Однако, это даже не главное. Главное то, что Вы, моддеры, совершенно халтурно относитесь к персонажу за рулем. ID-cam и IK вас, похоже, не волнует вообще. Руки-грабли, скребущие воздух у тебя перед носом - очень "эстетичное" зрелище. Я потратил массу времени, чтобы подобрать для некоторых машин более-менее подходящие значения. И таких модов больше половины. Сейчас у меня стоит стандартная игра, только db_data.cpr от 1.3.1 (кажется), в общем той сборки, где машины ДЛЦ сделали продаваемыми. Перевод; StarGT, Sorry to see your question just now. I do not speak English at all and do not know how to set alerts. Unfortunately, at this time I have not installed a single assembly based on UP4, and there is no way to discuss in detail this or that mod. I can cite the following examples as a keepsake: this is the MX-5, which quite obviously hangs in the air, and does not stand on wheels on the ground, this is Countach, which has to set 13 "wheels to make the wheels look like wheels, and not understand what, this is Alfa 4C, which for some reason (for two reasons), the door fell off the driver’s side (though this is not 1.73, but nonetheless ..). One could talk about machines that are inappropriate in this game, such as Delta S4 (cheat car), F2012 (why is it here), Spyker C12 (almost a copy of D8). However, this is not even the main thing. the nice thing is that you modders are completely careless about the character behind the wheel. ID-cam and IK do not seem to bother you at all. Rake hands scrubbing air in front of your nose is a very "aesthetic" sight. I spent a lot of time to select more or less suitable values for some cars, and there are more than half of such mods. Now I have a standard game, only db_data.cpr from 1.3.1 (it seems), in general, of the assembly where the DLC cars were made for sale.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will experiment
  6. Good afternoon, colleagues! Answer the question if anyone knows whether it is possible with the available means (for example, by editing some * .cpr file) to make AI rivals go faster in championships and cups.
  7. I think that I will not get an answer to my question, but nevertheless I will ask. Need a patch that would open access to network content offline. Do not accuse me of trying to cheat. The game is dead, and I can only deceive myself. I know that the site has experienced programmers. I would be glad if they share their knowledge, although I do not really believe in it.
  8. Hmm ... Funny... I, on the contrary, am going to remove about 10-15 mods from 1.73 due to the fact that their quality does not suit me.
  9. Goodnight !Gentlemen, is there any way (fix, patch, editing system files, etc.) to enter competitions that are blocked without access to the network.
  10. Mr. Binbow, I was wrong - the way works. Thank !
  11. Dear Binbow, unfortunately the latest version of TDU2VPE, which I have is Version I do not have. I tried to do what you wrote in version, but the "belt_type" indicator does not accept the value "0", and nothing really changes. I play with the view from the car, and it often happens that by choosing a good position of the driver and his hands on the steering wheel, I then discover the straps sticking out of the car in all directions. It really annoys me. If you make a modified version of the TDU2VPE that eliminates this flaw, it would be great.PS: Is it possible to download version anywhere?
  12. Oh! It's my fault. I originally meant TDU2, and did not notice that you refer to TDUPE, and in TDU2VPE, as I understand it, there is no such function?
  13. Thank you for your answer, but I did not find anything about belts in TDUPE. Tell me, please, in more detail.
  14. Good day !Is there a way or utility to remove seat belts from a car, or make them invisible?Thank.
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