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  1. Hmm ... Funny... I, on the contrary, am going to remove about 10-15 mods from 1.73 due to the fact that their quality does not suit me.
  2. Goodnight !Gentlemen, is there any way (fix, patch, editing system files, etc.) to enter competitions that are blocked without access to the network.
  3. Mr. Binbow, I was wrong - the way works. Thank !
  4. Dear Binbow, unfortunately the latest version of TDU2VPE, which I have is Version I do not have. I tried to do what you wrote in version, but the "belt_type" indicator does not accept the value "0", and nothing really changes. I play with the view from the car, and it often happens that by choosing a good position of the driver and his hands on the steering wheel, I then discover the straps sticking out of the car in all directions. It really annoys me. If you make a modified version of the TDU2VPE that eliminates this flaw, it would be great.PS: Is it possible to download version anywhere?
  5. Oh! It's my fault. I originally meant TDU2, and did not notice that you refer to TDUPE, and in TDU2VPE, as I understand it, there is no such function?
  6. Thank you for your answer, but I did not find anything about belts in TDUPE. Tell me, please, in more detail.
  7. Good day !Is there a way or utility to remove seat belts from a car, or make them invisible?Thank.
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