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  1. So far I've been playing TDU Platinum patch 1.07, but now I saw that there is update 1.12 Do I need to install all previous ones or is simply copying and pasting the things from update 1.12 enough ?
  2. I'm sorry, but, did you even read what I wrote, aka the thing you quoted ? I am saying that such a dealership does NOT even exist for me... Which is odd, because I have discovered all dealerships, since I do have access to bikes.
  3. I have checked and I have no other dealership that sells modern day Dodges, the only other Dodges that I find are old/classical ones. And I have discovered all dealerships since I do have bikes
  4. Hey guys, is there a Dodge Demon or Hellcat in this mod ? I noticed one in a race, but when I went to the Dodge dealership I couldn't find one, only an older/previous gen Challenger, I checked all other dealerships and none of them had a Dodge Demon, so I bought the older Challenger thinking it's probably hidden in the tuner shop, but it wasn't, the only options for the Challenger are to keep it stock or give it a MOPAR pack. Am I missing something or is the game glitching out ? For reference : This is what I am looking for This is what the dealership has :
  5. So after I reserve it I have to wait until the showroom gets delivered the right one ?
  6. Guys, how can I change my rims, specifically the colour ? I wanted to pick up a BMW M3 E30, but it was a car that needed reservation. The one on show in the showroom had White/Shiny rims, but when I got mine I got ugly black rims. I went to the paint shops and tuners but none of them offer to change the rims or its colour. What should I do ?
  7. I already made an offline one, is there any way to convert it into an online one ? I don't wanna start over...
  8. Hi all, is there anywhere where I can find a car list of TDU Platinum mod, but with the car classes listed ?
  9. Guys, how can I disable cops in this ? Old trainers don't work since this is an entirely different version/patch.
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