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  1. Do you or anyone know of any way I can get my hands on a Ferrari Enzo sound mod? I can't find any existing files
  2. Okay, really appreciate the feedback, but is there a way to find the profiles that I start in project paradise when I hit run as administrator, cause I believe I recently found that's the only way to actually interact with people online, and I'm trying to use a save game with 100% progress while online and I still apparently haven't found the solution. I don't really have time to progress all the way, and my friend who I want to free ride with certainly doesn't either. Any suggestions? If it doesn't work I would also like to know how we can meet up in the same server and add each other as friends so we can easily meet up again. I apologize for the bombardment of questions, help from anyone is completely accepted, I just feel you would be my best bet for help considering you know more than most people about these things. I don't
  3. Is it necessary to use an account that had GameSpy in the past?
  4. Does anyone know a way I can use a 100% game save and still be able to play online with project paradise? I've searched around and tried a few things and haven't figured it out. Is it necessary to have a gamespy account connected with my profile/s? Because if I don't it always says I'm not connected to the TDU servers.
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