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  1. Alright will do! Thanks Lastly, I was going through the thread and noticed you had a lot of money. How did you mod your money?
  2. Thank you so much for this! Quick question though, is there a way to increase the money?
  3. I only have 29 out of 30 models. On a photo I saw, there are two model challenges in the top right of the map, but I can only find one. Did anyone get 30 out of 30? or how did you work around it? Did you download a 100% save file to pass this?
  4. Hold on... it says there are two model challenges in the top right but in-game I can only find one?
  5. Hello, quick question. Is there a detailed map of TDU1 with challenge locations? I found a link in a forum but the link doesn't work. Thanks.
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