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  1. i have a problem, in the middle of this event, game crash! I think i find a solution, i try to put 2.00A patch over platinum install and try again. Works good!
  2. Hi i request this incredible hatchback car I like more in his Stage 1 variant, but Stage 2\Restyling it´s cool too. Here is his story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peugeot_306 And here in action: Love it when i see it on Gran Turismo 2 and V-Rally 2. I have one.
  3. Yes, it´s like you said, i`m spanish, so i understand a little what he try to do, he is simply showing that the game is compatible with Oculus DK2 but making use of a VR external software that is VorpX, i get it work of course adquiring a VorpX license and then download compatible vr game list from this software, search TDU VR profile and then run game with that profile, but i only get it work with original TDU files, If i try using it with mod, show a message that i can´t remember now. Ingame with VorpX and TDU profile, assign a key in keyboard to look with mouse and after press it, you can see all around with VR Visor. There is another way and is with TrackIR but i don´t try it, it´s a little expensive... in eBay there is "first contact TrackIR" with PS3EYE and another thing that simulate what TrackIR doing ingame. I think i find a bug. If you choose Peugeot 308GTi and use cockpit camera. Km/h \ Mph gauges get wrong/overpass Km/h limit when you reach over 200 for example, needle goes down and down and return to 0 Km/H, it´s like is not syncroniced or something like that... My impressions about mod are very high! Very Good work! Are there more Peugeot / PUG? In Ultra-Community-Pack there was a 206. I found a problem when i try to play it again, I can´t remember how to activate fuel mod, even if i select it in launcher doesn´t appear to work ingame. Edit: I don´t see that someone mention about VR and tracking... my fault...
  4. How to make it compatible for VR? I have Oculus DK2 and want to make it run I installed Vorpx and only can use it with TDU without platinum. Because Vorpx say that need to delete d3d9.dll...
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