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  1. Hello, excuse me, does this work with unofficial patch 0.4 ?
    excuse me, does this mod work with unofficial patch 0.4 ?
  2. https://www.kylotonn.com/carrieres/#AFJV-EINF102-16698 Kylotonn official annuncment working on tdu 3
  3. yeah possible try to find memory value of time ingame then c++ project with thread launch the game. Will update in parallel the time (changing ingame time value) by the real time (of computer) but I dont have the game to do it sorry
  4. @Djey I know tdu 2 physic are crap but please make mod for this game not only tdu 1 please... not only car, gameplay, map mod etc...
    How did you put trees if you dont know about .pmi files ? I am curious mhh...
  5. These textures are from TDU PS2 I can not convert 2DB -> DDS please help me ...
  6. Hey I've got an issue, tdu mt won't convert these 2db files, do you know why @Djey ? carshadow.2db environmentmapindoor.2db environmentmapoutdoor.2db grass.2db gravel.2db grounddetail.2db ocean.2db skidmarks.2db smokeball_wh1ss.2db smokeball_wh2ss.2db smokeball_wh6ss.2db smokeball_wh7ss.2db smokepuffalpha2.2db sparkles.2db sun_flare_0.2db sun_glare.2db whiteblobgradient.2db
  7. Hello, I hope you will see my message.

    Can you tell me why I can not convert this .2db file ? (error)



    Thanks mate !

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