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  1. Hi guys i am very confused. There is a real estate dealer right in the middle east of the island (Kane'ohe). It says there are 9 properties to buy. I counted them multiple times now and I am pretty sure there are only 8 to buy. Where is number 9? WIll it come later on? I heard a few times there is no way to input more houses, is it possible though to remove them???
  2. fhqwhgads Thanks for the quick response 1. Pretty sure. Just checked it out again 20 min ago 2. I see. I was wondering if it is possbile to add more dealers. For example taking the data of an existing one and copy and paste it to a new location within the game. Would this be possible? 3. Thats great! This leads to a few more questions: Do i have to take some cars from here: https://turboduck.net/forums/forum/96-vehicle-mods/?page=7 Or do I have to Mod the car myself. Is there an instruction of how to add cars into the files somehow? 4. Makes sense. If there is no more space at the dealers, the cars have to change the Appearance through tuning. 5. Okay, that is nice. I was just wondering if these included cars that are not located at any Dealer But i guess they are all dealer available cars then. 6. I got a new question. I'm far from reaching the point where it matters for myself but, is there enough garage space around the island for every Car? I feel bad for having so many questions lol
  3. Hey guys, I saw this mod on Youtube and bought TDU straight for my PC (eventhough i have it for PSP and PS2). Installed the mod and it is all fine. I already explored all Dealers. I have a few things to mention and ask. Mentionings: The Triumph Dealer has twice the same bike. Is this intentionally? The BMW Dealer on the West Coast is a Bike Dealer. Still there are BMW car Models in it. The Platinum Dealer at the airport has identical clones of cars. Is this made for modders to start with? Questions: There are over 400 hidden cars. Can anyone tell me how I can unlock/find/get these 400 cars? Are the 400 Cars tuned versions that transform the standard versions into special ones like liberty walks etc? If not how do I manage this? Is there a chance anyone can upload a list for the remaining hidden 400+ cars? Are there any cars that get unlocked by progeression? MANY MANY THANKS TO THIS FORM, MELLI AND ALL THE MODDERS FOR DOINJG SUCH A GREAT WORK ON SAVING US ONE OF THE BEST DRIVING GAMES EVER!!! LOVE YOU BOYCE AND GUURLZZ!
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