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  1. We need talk private but I can't send message from your profile
  2. What is your name in VK group? I can't find you in vk members
  3. Hey man, how can you do this annoying bumper mapping? I can't fix it again I'm working on 300zx. Can you tell instructions for fix it? I don't want disturb you everytime. I want fix it on my own.
  4. You are alive oh ok but I must have a vk account and I have a lot accounts for everything
  5. What can I do for communicate with you again?
  6. Man, why you closed Facebook page? I wondered.
  7. Hi Guys, This is R34 GT-R C-West kit for TDU2. This zip has only car bnk. Because you can use your own interior bnk. There are 2 different versions for your interior. RHD has Right Hand Drive Signal Lights. LHD has Left Hand Drive Signal Lights for different types of interiors. Replace: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Original Convert by: Vitaliy997 Assembly and Re-Converting by Me (AnonymousModder) Thanks to StarGT for Bug Fixing and Texture Remapping. ENJOY... Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_eP06NgDdkmiYNUj-A6bV9vTmx2xwnRo
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