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  1. Fire in the hole, StarGT dropped a bomb to here
  2. Where can I find good 3d kit for it I don't know. GTA5 mods are %99.9 locked and I want converting kit from forza but forza studio doesn't work. And finding liberty walk kit for 2019 GT-R was very hard. Cuz all liberty walk mods for 2015 or 2016 GT-R in Internet. They can't fit to 2019 model. I tried some of them, some fenders was passes into car body when I try place it to normal fender's place
  3. I recommend tototo's rims for this car. I'm using BBS RX-R, O.Z Ultraleggra and BBS RE-1298 from his rims. You can go to his post from here.
  4. ------------------------------------------ 2019 R35 GT-R Track Edition LibertyWalk ------------------------------------------ This is StarGT's 2019 GT-R Track Edition mod for Test Drive Unlimited 2. Kit by me(AnonymousModder). Leave a like before download. Please don't load this mod to other sites without my permission. Mod Features; -Working gauges (NOTE; Wheel size and track measures etc. for kit is given -Working door functions with archive. Please look to screenshots.) -Li
  5. We need talk private but I can't send message from your profile
  6. What is your name in VK group? I can't find you in vk members
  7. Hey man, how can you do this annoying bumper mapping? I can't fix it again I'm working on 300zx. Can you tell instructions for fix it? I don't want disturb you everytime. I want fix it on my own.
  8. You are alive oh ok but I must have a vk account and I have a lot accounts for everything
  9. What can I do for communicate with you again?
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