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  1. Is there any way to export, in its entirety, the vehicle list that appears in the dropdown box here enclosed in red?
  2. Milli's Platinum mod is a fabulous revival of Test Drive Unlimited. And it is hard to resist the urge to post images. Here's one of my favs, the 427 Cobra sporting wire wheels and an Alberta vanity plate:
  3. Regarding custom cars... An online player who installs a car mod into a custom car slot must surely be aware that other online players cannot see the custom car as you do. Suppose you add an Austin Healey 3000 as Custom Car #1. This will work perfectly in offline play. But the other players ONLINE will see you driving a dummy custom car that performs just like the Healey would. This is fine if you don't care what the other player sees, takes a photo of, or records a video of. If you do care, then you shouldn't drive it online. The same is true if you have a custom license plate
  4. I quite enjoyed running with a handful of folks today. I was driving a yellow 308. It is my all-time favorite exotic - but it is a trifle slow. As Milli surmised, the 308 that I drive is a hybrid. It would have to be to keep up with her 355. My driving skills leave a lot to be desired, so I apologize if they offended anyone. I would like to know how you guys can race, navigate, avoid traffic, and put text messages on my screen, all at the same time. It boggles the mind of this old dude. Perhaps the game converts speech to text, (if one happens to be using a mic), but nowhere have I f
  5. In December 2006 I treated myself to a new rig - a Striker Extreme MB with a 6800 CPU and dual 8800GTX cards in SLi connected to three monitors via a TripleHead2Go. I very much enjoyed TDU at 3840x1080 rez, always playing offline. During family gatherings, as a fun activity, we would take turns to see who among us could rack up the most expensive ticket - I think the largest was around $250,000.00. Later I was a beta-tester for TDU2. It had some features that I really liked. But over the years I would always come back to play on TDU more often than on TDU2. There's something about it
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