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    1. The server went down unexpectedly. nothing on your end. i also don't think that server status actually works on the launcher lol so keep that in mind for next time.
    2. It's not so hard to extract some 3d files from it, but the other way around needs some clarification. Firstly in the tool you need to go over to the settings tab and select your commonworld.bnk folder. this is in your tdu installation -> euro -> bnk -> level -> hawaii. make sure you select that folder and then click save. Then you want to go find your desired sector by taking this map for reference: Once you've got one, open up mini bnk manager and go into that same folder, go into Area-# -> Area-#-# and select the desired sector.bnk, click load, and then unpack all. Now go back to the tdu world editor program, go to import, and within the unpacked folder go to the sector file, 4build -> pc -> euro -> level -> hawai -> area-# -> area-#-# and select the sector-#-#-#-# folder. If done right, you should see it's recognized the sectors and you want to check 'heightmap' and objects', set the output file as desired, name your file and click import and voila! you should now have a collada file where you set your output to be. This is where your imagination comes in and you edit the model exactly how you want in your favorite 3d software. And this is as far as i can go. i haven't found a way to successfully convert the file back as it always gives me an error, but if i find a way, i'll edit this post.
    3. I'm not sure if this is fixed in the new version, i presume it isn't, but on some racing tracks, the tunnel walls use the same texture as the footpaths. it looks quite weird with the grassy footpaths.
    4. Inside each car's 'high' folder in euro -> bnk -> vehicules, inside the bnk folder each car has a plate.2db file. This is the one you want. You'll need to use Mini Bnk Manager to unpack the bnk files, then copy and paste a plate.2db file from a stock tdu2 car into the new car, repack the new bnk file, and it should be good to go.
    5. Version 1.0.0


      Replaces Ibiza with Casino island + all it's goodies. Entering the casino clothing store and cosmetic surgery from the map will soft lock your game, as well as leaving the casino for Ibiza. Confirmed to work online in TDU World as well. Players without the mod will be sent to the nearest coastline, and same for mod users. Install instructions here: Some videos here:
      very very cool! although there are a few small problems:
    6. Just a proof of concept that map files can be transferred between islands. Here you can see the conversion worked really well, except for a few texture problems, mainly on hawaii. The mod has been updated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5c0UW_QbpI (idk why the video isn't embedding) now the trees are back, everything is the right texture and you can even enter the casino while offline known problems to be booted: -textures on the main island or the casino island broken. -you cant enter the casino from the map directly. -you cant interact with anything in the casino. -the casino hall still isn't there. -the map lod's are messed up. -the game locks when you exit the casino.
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