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  1. WAIT WHAT, THATS ALL I HAD TO TO?????? I THOUGHT THERE WAS A GUI OR SOMETHING LMAO... Thank u sm for this, im such a dumbass...
  2. But isnt the only thing i should change the entry number value? I can just keep a copy of it and paste it every time cant i?
  3. Does it work for u? if it does, could u send me the already modified file please?
  4. But which one should i use? Because the TDUUT doesnt work on my pc..
  5. ayy we just played a few mins ago, well i dont have a tool to decrypt the carphysicsdata file to make TDUPE work with platinum, bc they tool u recommended on the platinum mod page doesnt work on my pc for some reason
  6. Me and my friend want to fool around and are curious to see if this is working
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