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  1. Couple of Questions: a) Will any mods be allowed? b) How are you going to detect if other players are using cheats/trainers? c) Will you allow us to use vehicles that are in the game but can only be gotten/driven via game file editing (traffic cars, police cars, DLC, etc)? d) So it will be an offline release first, then online later?
  2. Hello all! Forgive me if I put this thread in the wrong section. It seemed like it would fall under SUPPORT. Okay, so, to start, I loved playing TDU2 on Xbox 360 and later PC. I was heartbroken when Atari finally decided to end support for the MP. I've been searching for ways to get that TDU2 feel back again, and now I've come to this. So, I'm going to try and be as clear as possible in this post so you can provide with the proper assistance. Sorry if I ramble or am not clear enough. Okay, so my main interest is to run Project Paradise, as this is supposedly how we can play this game online and enter multiplayer. My second interest is to modify the vehicles that will appear in my garage. Back on TDU2, I used to love driving around in the unobtainable Dodge Charger Police cars and the Oahu variant of the Ibiza Police Viper. Back on console and PC, there were ways to do this via gamesave modding and external tools. My third interest is to ask specific questions about Project Paradise and about Gamespy IDs. 1) So the mod we use to play in Multiplayer is what I've come to understand as Project Paradise? Are there any other mods I need to know about or is that the base one? My goal here is to enter the MP of TDU as it's the closest thing I can obtain right now to TDU2's. 2) So, there was mention in another video about Gamespy. I did extensive research on this and found that Gamespy is no longer a thing. Is it true that a Gamespy ID is required to get PROJECT PARADISE to work? Is there any other way to do this or am I, as they say, S.O.L? 3) Same as question #2 but in regards to a legitimate copy of TDU. You probably don't condone pirating, but I'm guessing a version off of some download site wouldn't work properly? If that's the case, I will try to find a legitimate method of obtaining a copy. 4) Is there a way to swap vehicles in your garage with others? In other words, if I want to change Car A into Car B, is there a tool to do that? I'm not looking for a client side method here. I want other players to be able to see the vehicle, aka, whatever the police cars are in this game. You can just provide a link if it's easier. 5) How can you change the character's clothing via modding? Same as with question #4 but for the player. Back on TDU2, there was a way to do this for the PC version to get the Oahu Police Outfit. Again, you can just leave links to answer the question. 6) Is TDU Platinum needed? 7) If I only manage to install Project Paradise but other players have custom mods, will they show in my game properly? Aka, if I only have the base mods, will others who have more advanced setups see me properly as well as me for them or will they be dummy car models or something else? 8) If you have anything else you'd like to leave me with, I'm all ears. Thank you for your time in reading this post and replying to it. I hope to see you on the island of Oahu someday. -TestDriveVet12345
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