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  1. Couple of Questions: a) Will any mods be allowed? b) How are you going to detect if other players are using cheats/trainers? c) Will you allow us to use vehicles that are in the game but can only be gotten/driven via game file editing (traffic cars, police cars, DLC, etc)? d) So it will be an offline release first, then online later?
  2. Hello all! Forgive me if I put this thread in the wrong section. It seemed like it would fall under SUPPORT. Okay, so, to start, I loved playing TDU2 on Xbox 360 and later PC. I was heartbroken when Atari finally decided to end support for the MP. I've been searching for ways to get that TDU2 feel back again, and now I've come to this. So, I'm going to try and be as clear as possible in this post so you can provide with the proper assistance. Sorry if I ramble or am not clear enough. Okay, so my main interest is to run Project Paradise, as this is supposedly how we
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