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  1. Hi I downloaded and installed TDU Platinum for first time. I have original TDU with MegaPack on Win 10. I installed TDU via Vista Patch, then MegaPack, patch for MegaPack, and then TDU Platinum. I also added HD Unlimited textures. Game was working fine for 2 days. I think I did 80 km in game. Then on third day game I do not know why appears to be broken. TDU is not starting, or if it starts I can select Continue Game I have white screen when my avatar and house should be. When I choose option to get out from house my car is stuck in "matrix". Floating in air, no textures, and keys are not responding(I can move head of my avatar with mouse). Did anyone get such bugs? Why game is broken when I did nothing like editing files just gaming?
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