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  1. I use a G29 too and do not have this issue.. How about if you change default keyboard configs, are those saved? Only thing I can think of is if you exit the game from the menus or you terminate it with Alt+F4, that way. Otherwise maybe try with a new, clean profile? Oh btw, menus can only be navigated through by the controls you've configured.. So if you bind menu up/down/left/right to a gamepad or wheel, you cannot navigate with the keyboard arrows anymore. Very poor design, but noteworthy.
  2. The last patch for the game removes that hell hole of a drm and basically makes the game "portable". So if you can install it on another machine just patch it up fully to get rid of the drm (I also think it removes CD check)..
  3. Huge thanks for this mod! Absolutely amazing! Edit: any reason it's posted as a zip file? Compressed with 7z it gets down to almost 2.5GB in file size.. Guess it doesn't matter to most with fiber or whatever, but it's quite a difference compared to 6+.
  4. Anyone know if this works along with Platinum, online? Is this area not loaded until you teleport there so it doesn't conflict. Not sure how to phrase the question.. Any known conflicts wit TDU Platinum?
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