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  1. Sure, but still worth reporting, Milli has released patches before, and even though he did not originally create these vehicles perhaps he knows how to fix some of these issues, it might be as easy as editing a material file... Or not, would be nice to see a comment about it from Milli himself.
  2. Really enjoying the mod, top notch work! Just a few bugs to report which I hope get fixed in a future patch: - Lamborghini Countach LP5000 Q is missing roughly 75% of it's interior textures, showing the untextured model blinding matte white effect. - BMW M635CSI missing exterior textures around window, bumper and mirror frames, showing the untextured model blinding matte white effect. Also vehicle glows neon orange at a certain distance. - Noble M600 - Missing roughly 40-50% of engine textures, showing the untextured model blinding matte white effect. - Aston Martin Virage passengers sit inside the lower center of the car, through the floor of the car. - Aston Martin DB5 passengers heads clip through the vehicle roof. - Dodge Viper (one of them at least) driver head clips through vehicle roof.
  3. Hello there Milli, first up let me just state that I absolutely love the work you've done on the TDU Platinum mod, it really has made TDU my "go to" driving game. I notice you have some vehicles by "Miha2795" included in the mod, and I was wondering if you'd create a small patch for TDUP that adds "Miha2795's" "Delorean DMC 12" and "1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1" (download links bellow, pictures included). These are two iconic vehicles (two of my all time favorites) with great additions created for TDU. If need be I can make a paypal donation to you for 15 US dollars if you'd take this request up for me.

    I am a complete and total newbie when it comes to adding mods for TDU, nevermind TDUP, I know you have ten slots available for players who want to add their own vehicle mods to TDUP, however I am completely lost on knowing how to add new vehicles to those slots. I have managed to replace the exterior and interior models, as well as rims, but the tires don't change (even when changed with the mod tool) and there are huge gaps between the rims and tires. Also I don't see the option to select a different physics file without having to set it all manually in the mod tool. I also cannot see any option to change the sound of the vehicle engine, and adding a new camera file seems like it requires something other than the main mod tool to get it to show up as a selection choice.

    Either way I hope you reply to this message, it would be very much appreciated! Again thanks for all of your hard work, and sharing TDUP with us to enjoy.


    Download links:



  4. To complete the excellent collection of Aston Martin vehicles in TDU Platinum, I'd greatly appreciate someone creating the Aston Martin 1986/87 V8 Vantage for TDU. As one of mine and many others favorite Aston Martin cars, it would be a welcome addtion to the game! Images:
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