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  1. Hi, 1. Are you launching from the Project Paradise .exe file? I know it's somewhat of a dumb question, but when I tried TDU Platinum for the first time, launching from any other .exe TDU files usually caused problems for me in my experience. 2. Did you check the GameSpy ID checkbox? You need to do that in order to play online at all. If not, there's a video showing how to convert your offline profile to online. I would link the one I used, but it also includes a hacking exploit that I don't think would be supported by the forums here. Just type on YouTube TDU Unlimited - How to insta
  2. Update: 48 hours later @Milli Ahh, that makes sense. I did see some people saying that RAM might have been a factor for why frames were dropping. Thanks for the clarification! So I went ahead and replaced the 4GB executable files, and honestly since then, no crashes. I've played for about 2 hours straight today, and no crashes to report since then. I think I got TDU Platinum all sorted out at this point. And even if there were any crashes that were to happen in the future, I don't think it would affect me that such, seeing as TDU saves every time you finish an event. To any whom
  3. Update: Around 24 hours later - Part 2 Okay, so after I posted, I decided to do a little bit more research before I went to sleep, and I discovered for the invisible police cars, the problem seems to lie that any FPS above 90 would cause the AI cars to either drive erratically and cause police cars to turn invisible. So I updated my graphics driver, went into the NVIDIA Control Panel and turned on the FPS Cap to 90 and now, no more erratic AI or stupid invisible police cars. The only downside I would say is that since I have a laptop with a 144hz screen, there is a noticeable difference f
  4. @MagicV8 Thanks for the tip. I'll try replacing the files after work tomorrow. Update: Around 24 hours later I've crashed a couple more times, but not on a timely basis like before. It was in random situations. First time was when I tried entering a dealership, and as soon as I pressed the "Confirm" button, it just went complete black screen and I had to restart my laptop. Second time was when I went to look behind me while I was racing (pressing the invert/look back button), the game just froze and crashed... again... had to restart the laptop as I couldn't access Task Manager. Thir
  5. Update: 3 hrs later - My experience with TDU Platinum So I played through the game a little more, anxiously waiting to see and time when and where the crashes would happen. I also decided to fiddle with my laptop CPU settings a bit, as looking at my CPU temps, they always hit 90 degrees or above, so I thought maybe it could be that my CPU was overheating. After doing a BIOS flash and undervolt to -0.150 mV, I saw that my temps were averaging about high 70s C to mid 80s C (pretty decent improvement). So I started TDU up once again, and then the same thing happened, crash after about 10-20
  6. I just got TDU Platinum up and working and I've been enjoying it but every 10 minutes or so, the framerate just drops dramatically to eventually like 1FPS, and then it crashes. I have a gaming laptop with a I7-9750H (6C, 12T) with a RTX 2060 and 16GB RAM, which should be more than ample to run TDU Platinum. Anybody know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? Also note: Before I got Platinum, I had the 1.66A Patch with the Megapack and I didn't experience any FPS issues or stutters.
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