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  1. Which means, no connection is bound to be made or in case of bugs no help is going to be received or something else?
  2. Well my SSD isn't of high capacity, so if I could somehow reduce the size even for 5GB it would help immensely, that's what worries me mostly and I'm trying to find a way to repack the game files
  3. 30GB size was reached before i even installed the serenity pack, even before i even installed the unofficial patch. After those 2 the size is 33GB. Thus, by just unpacking, it greatly increased the folder size.
  4. The game when i installed it without being unpacked was 14 GB and now is 30. Is there any way to bring it back to 14 or i have to install it again from scratch?
  5. I've unpacked the game, did put the unofficial patch and I've installed the serenity pack. The game now is 30 GB large. Is there any way to repack it to it's former state?
  6. Hello... Can you suggest a trusted site where we can find keys to buy? Also, why cracked versions aren't supported?
  7. And community servers are expected to be created? I'm new here and i'm trying to understand some things
  8. Good evening guys. I just installed the game, i am using universal launcher 3.6 and i am pressing to play online, the game starts fine, but when i get to the point where i press start it just enters in a kind of endless loading. Can i do something to fix that?
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