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  1. Hi everyone. Im currently using a Hori Apex Wheel for TDU2. (270 Degrees, no FFB) This wheel uses XInput. So any game that see's it thinks it's a Xbox 360 Controller. Now most, if not all games apply Steering Dampening in this case to slow down the speed at which the ingame wheel can be turned. This is an assist to help gamepad users steer a car easily. To get around this assist, you must either use a DirectInput wheel, or a Dinput/Xinput wrapper to spoof the controller as DirectInput. Now here is the problem. TDU2 now thinks I have a Joystick. So... the same Dampening is being applied. So a big question. What detection does this game use to see if a controller is a joystick/steering wheel? Is it the Registry Keys, Hardware HID info, GUID, or a mixture or special means? I've used "DX Ace" to spoof the GUID to G25/G27 with no result. But to be honest, I don't think the GUID spoofing works correctly in "DX Ace". Maybe someone knows something or some other Wrappers to try.
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