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  1. Really people, everyone is going to pretend that this comment doesn't exist? There are more people that want to enjoy the multiplayer, and they can't because of this problem, I even tried to find a third party software solution but nothing seems to work. Is there anything or I just can't play this game online, please answer.
  2. I had some issues with TDU Platinum these days, yesterday I found out how to make an online account on TDU Platinum, because I found out that you need GameSpy account which nobody can make because they were shut down. I made an online game account but I could not connect to the servers. Today I started the game, and game managed to connect to server, there are players on the map, but however when I fast travel to any player there is a car that's not moving, and when I enter the map, and get back to game again the player's car is not there and when i get back to map again player is somewhere else, they are teleporting. I searched this entire site's comments and found no solutions besides one guide that says that I should open some ports on router and firewall which I don't know how to, I tried and it didn't work. I tried to open ports on router and disabling entire firewall and it solved nothing, it only got worse. Now there are no players in the game, but there are player icons on the map. Someone need to make exact tutorial on how to do this or to make some kind of patch for that. I don't know what else to do, I'm frustrated. Sorry for bad English and typing mistakes if there are any.
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