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  1. Weird, once I extracted this to game direcotry and launch on steam, it doesn't display as the dlc2 build. Somehow completely killed my FPS too.
  2. The Audi Dealer East doesn't appear on the map where it should be for me, any help would be great
  3. Hey, not played this game since servers were still live, just started a new game and basically wanted to give myself all the vehicles, gave myself a bunch of money however is there a way i can get all the cars that were locked behind the club/casino? If so please give me some links or whatever to what I need to do this thanks!
  4. Thanks! Is there where most the cars are, within tuning packs? Because for 880+ cars I don't see many in dealers. Thanks for info!
  5. I notice in the Ford Dealer some of the cars from the base game aren't there after installing this mod, how do I get them now? Like the Ford mustang GT-R concept. How do I get those now? Like am I missing something to access more cars in the dealerships
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