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  1. UPDATE: So it appears I am stupid and didn't fill in the "Original 2db file" part properly, after doing so the textures showed up as they were supposed to So now I have for the most part got the hang of the workflow for making TDU2 cars, but there is still one thing that I haven't been able to solve. TDU2's default cars seem to have some sort of AO applied to them (tho there appears to be no baked textures), however this AO does not seem to be applied to the body mesh I've imported into the game see here how the door of the S3 Esprit looks nicely shaded (an original gam
  2. Hi, so I've been trying to make my own mods for TDU2, with varying success But one thing that's got me stumped is the textures. Whenever I try to convert my desired DDS image to a 2DB, it doesn't show up in game, instead i get orang To demonstrate I've tried to replace the glass texture on this Lotus, but I just get orang (and the transparency seems to be lost as well, glass is now painted black ) At first I thought there might have been something wrong with my image, the converting tools ect so to check I also tried swapping the texture to some per-existing 2DB files f
  3. Sure, did a fresh install just to be safe but the same issue persists. Anyway here is the contents of my Bnk folder link
  4. Thanks for the response, had a read of the common issues, but resetting the cache and settings doesn't resolve the issue (I'm trying to load Bnk/DataBase, where the DB.bnk files are located, this is correct?) Loading this directory always results in the source not found error, same goes if I try to check/fix. Oddly if I try to check TDU/Bnk/ or the root directory, I get this: Try-Fix! doesn't work however, and also leaves a log like this
  5. Hi, new here, and a bit stumped Whenever I try to use TDUF to edit the database, I get this error message saying that the source database does not exist I tried updating Java, launching in administrator mode ect but nothing seems to work... Checking the logs, nothing particularly strange shows up either If anyone could help me fix this would be greatly appreciated!!
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