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  1. Thank you for the reply and keeping this alive, The only issue that I am experiencing at the moment is the fuel in the launcher. I choose to have the fuel enable on gamplay option in paradise and is not working at all. I do not know if this is something regarding specific vehicles or maybe I am missing something to enable it? I found some videos on youtube that they show how they work, but so far on my end nothing is showing up as soon I start to hop in in the car. Should I download a specific mod to get this working or do you have any ideas what will be the problem? Thank you for your inputs and help!
  2. This mod is insane and I am really enjoying long hours in the island...my question is regarding the random cars on the dealerships throughout the island.... Are new cars changing or only the status to buy or not in stock? I do not know if it is a bug, but overall is an awesome job and congrats to @Milli for taking the time and making this happen. Thank you!
  3. I was referring as for example you are in a zonda at 300 kph you do not sense that speed....I was wondering if there was a blur effect mod when you hit that speed in first person view. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello Test Drive Unlimited Comunity! Hope you are doing all fine, I was playing the other day the fine mod of Platinum....and when I enter Ferrari Dealership and saw that Enzo and the 50 all was increible. The problem is that when I test the F50 I was going at almost 300kms andn in cockpit view I did not sense that speed at all...and I though ''If there was a mod that will blur a little the view that will be incredible'' unfortunately nothing in the internet was about this idea and this is the reason that I decide to create this topic. I know that there is blur you can add to the main game but is only for the entire models, not when you are going really fast in cockpit view, if some already know a mod for this please let me know or if someone decides to make this mod possible it will make really happy to enjoy much more this Paradise amazing mod of the grate TDU. Thank you all and look forward to your inputs on this, What do you guys think about this possible idea?
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