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  1. thanks!! i will in already there xd
  2. i will check them out, thanks!! thanks a lot!! it would be nice to have some tips for tdu modding, i want to expand and learn more about this whole modding comunity
  3. well i also do mods for gta and nfs too, but im so noob with tdu stuff in general, this is my first tdu mod
  4. View File Lotus Esprit Fixes 1.0 Now both RPMs and Speedo are accurate, and other bits fixed/improved Submitter frannco1099 Submitted 10/03/2020 Category Vehicle  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Now both RPMs and Speedo are accurate, and other bits fixed/improved
  6. heyy can you send me the invite link to your Discord too? i would love to see the overall progress, thanks.
    Please can you fix the OP civic coupe?? 300hp only and its faster than a veyron pretty much, and it brakes so unrealisticly well, the gauges show wrong values and the engine sound is broken near the redline
  7. hi!! how can i make the rims bigger with VPE?? pls help, theres a big gap between the rims and the tyres
  8. okay, im reinstalling the game cause my game was the 0.96 or something like that, hopefully the one that im downloading now is the correct one, thanks for the quick answer , im new on this xd one quick question, how can i make rims bigger?? the rim size doesnt change, only tyres do
  9. Since "TestDrive2.exe" is not at version v034, not be able to handle. (#8_1), how do i fix this?? nvm, ive just found the exe, but how do i solve the no memory error?
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