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  1. I mainly use H-Shifter+Clutch.
  2. It still doesn't work for me though. https://www.reddit.com/user/Aerostorm90/comments/nlxi39/still/
  3. I think It's not a problem? all cars have this issue where if i change the max rpm it became powerless when going beyond it's original max rpm yes, i've changed and edited the gearbox but it has no effect on the power. here, i post a video what it looks like in game. https://www.reddit.com/user/Aerostorm90/comments/nlascl/the_issue/
  4. is there any way to edit the car torque? i wanted to make a high rpm car but the car loses power at original car's rpm, changing the horsepower and torque @rpm didn't do anything for me. For example: I want to increase the CCXR rpm to 8500 from 7200, but it loses power as soon as it reach 7200 in the game. it's like those .btrq files in TDU1 where you can modify the torque to reach higher rpm.
  5. Here's the fixed link in case anyone wants to download it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I26v7hDR4PUMyzzSLtthjVdD-57jD_bo/view
  6. My bad man, i just realized that the version i'm using is 1.12 from platinum, i got frustrated and did not pay attention. Sorry for being careless, and thanks for replying.
  7. Can you update it please? the lack of searchbar or name filter really, really bothering me, it literally take hours just to find one car, this is the best editor so far, it's just that one little thing that really important to me. Thanks.
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