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    TDU2 RUF RTurbo Improved by GReddyV1 Hi everyone, today I'd like to showcase my RTurbo sound mod for TDU2. I found the original V034 sound to be rather uninspired and generic so essentially what I did was replace it with the sound from release (V055 I believe) and make it sound considerably more aggressive/raw. This mod does the following: 1: Increases the volume of the engine on-load & off-load. 2: Added burbles and backfire (think of it as a decatted non-resonated system!) 3: More woosh-spooly noises since after all, this is a turbocharged Flat-6. (Louder BOV & Spool) Installation (GAME MUST BE UNPACKED) 1.) Open up your game directory, and go to Euro/Bnk/sound/vehicles 2.) Locate the sound file (r_turbo_high.bnk) 3.) Replace the current file with the one from this post.
  2. For anyone using 1.8, does your 911 GT3 have Nissan GTR wheels and weird wheel offset? idk what's causing the issue but if anyone knows a fix, just PM me.
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