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  1. Hi guys Just downloaded the TDU Platinum Mod today. Running the game from the beginning but now find that I cannot use the xbox controller. I have had to use KB & Mouse to control the car. I have gone into control settings and my axis and analog sticks are not recognised in the game at all. I have the retail version and the game picks it up fine. Prior to installing the mod. I did uninstall the game along with the save game I had previously. But it does not look like it has helped. Here is my install that I have done: Installed TDU platinum mod v1.0 Then installed the platinum mod update v1.12 on-top the game before playing Moved all the files to their respective places as said in the README files for the patches Another thing I have noticed is that when in the car dealership some of the buy buttons are off centre, so say you want to buy the ford focus the button to buy it looks greyed out. But you just have to click beside it then the game will allow you to go through checkout to buy the desired car. Hope you guys can help thanks
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