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  1. Just wanted to give an update that I am able to play the game again. I guess it took a few days to register that my password changed.
  2. I had to reset my password because I wanted to login on the website and when I went to play the game it won't let my play. When starting the game and hit start it says server in not available. I click ok and it brings me to a profile select page. I click edit on my profile to use my new password (username is already there (greyed out/cannot be changed)) After I type in my new password it still says the server is not available. I just get stuck in that loop.
  3. Awesome! Will try this out This worked. Put quite a few hours in today with no crashes. Thanks!
  4. Pretty much exactly an hour in the game crashes no matter what I'm going. Game is running fine and then it just closes. Game starts back up fine. Running the game unpacked with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.
  5. Had no idea this existed, I'll have to check it out.
  6. Anyone know what the picture of the fix was, I seem to be getting the same error as him and putting the install location is different places didn't seem to work, the only mod I have is Platinum. Here is the log file and a screenshot of the error. ModdingToolsDebug.log
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