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  1. hey so my online acc worked fine but suddenly when i go to access online it just says connecting to server and says it couldnt connect any fix for this?
  2. if u adjust it according to the creators pics it looks pretty good and he even provided his settings
  3. oh yea that happened to me i think its just the base game being old so just dont use them is what i say use speakers or somethin so if i were to revert it this wouldnt happen?
  4. ah the same specs cars are for modders who want to add custom cars with tools and the bmw dealer is spposed to have cars
  5. yeah i discovered my findings throught the millionares challenge which, like yours, became dodge the traffic XD
  6. nah i have never seen anything like this i say its a fixed cycle that isnt dependent on time irl or in game since the traffic density would be same during day or night. i d say it depends on a randomizer and it gets a new value after every respawn this is what i have observed
  7. sadly there isnt a guide for platinum only for the original. as for B class a c7 corvette with a tune is the fastest according to me. it can go 0-60 in 3 secs and has a top speed of 348 mph under 200k, so i would recommend it
  8. yes the latest patch includes all the older patches. Glad i could help
  9. you need the mod first here are the vids to install the mod and the patch. Though they ,ight be old process remains the same
  10. @Milli is there anyway i can use a cosmetic body kit with a different performance kit for e.g the 'mines' body kit on r34 with the fastest tune for the vehicle?
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