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  1. Has no sound in tdu platinum ever happened to anybody else? Nevermind I deleted the hatred.nfo file and the game stopped crashing and now I have sound. Where should I post this if others have similar problems.
  2. I installed 1.0 then 1.12, big bnk was also checked in the project paradise launcher when I launched it.
  3. I just bought TDU and installed the platinum mod and the 1.12 patch which I uses to install the 4gb executables but there is no sound and the game always crashes a few hundred feet away before I can enter the real estate in the beginning of the game. I was able to get past the real estate after installing dxwebsetup but then the game crashed after I exited the car dealership, and there's still no sound. I have vsync and big.bnk enabled. I have an acer ka272 monitor, 8gb of ram, an i5-9400f cpu, windows 10 home, and a 64 bit os and processor. Running project paradise on compatibility mode on any setting just makes it crash. I realized my cpu speed is only 2.90 Ghz while the requirements say you need a cpu speed of 3.00 Ghz could that be the reason project paradise is not working properly. help
  4. This might not be what you are looking for but you can download and use antimicro to map keyboard buttons to a controller.
  5. how come there is no sound?

  6. I have a legal copy of the game installed tdu platinum and the patch and there still is no sound and crashes frequently! I followed the readmes and put the files in the right places.
  7. The game works fine but there is no sound available, however when I look at videos of tdu platinum there is sound is there a reason for this?
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