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  1. After months of not being able to understand why the game would black screen then not start ( windows 10 ) I finally have an answer. Anyone trying to run surround sound through windows can have a problem with a litany of games. But TDU ( even base game not Platinum or any other custom version ) does not like having the Default Format set to either Dolby Digital Live or DTS Interactive. If you are getting a black screen after startup even on a fresh install of windows 10/TDU, try changing your sound options in Your audio device properties. What is boxed in red does not work. The blue highlight is what I have currently selected. How to get to this page. Right click the speaker icon on the bottom right of the screen>Volume mixer>Click the icon for what you are using>Go to advanced tab and select any option but surround options. Exclusive modes dont change anything.
  2. No dice homie. It did the same old started with no d3d9 but cant use high res cars. Then when i put d3d9 in it wouldn't start at all
  3. I dont know what it is, but I have had a real motherfucker of a time trying to get TDU platinum to stay running. It installs fine and then it works. But for some reason for no particular cause it just stops working. It will boot up and show the TDU logo very darkly on all my screens. Then just refuse to start up. No matter what I do I cannot get the game to start consistently anymore. I have removed d3d9.dll and started the game with both the regular exe and project paradise. I have the crack to avoid the DRM I have removed enbseries I have installed patch 1.12 I have run in compatibility mode.( from xp to windows 8 ) I have run as windows I have run as windows with settings unlocked. I have installed the game on a different drive I have run the game off of a flash drive I have run it in 640x480 in settings in the properties tab. installed a generation earlier of drivers ( Adrenalin 21.4.1 Recommended (WHQL ) For some reason, after a few months. The game just refuses to start up no matter what. i currently have it deleted and cleaned the registry, but under no circumstance did it ever turn back on. Someone help me, I refuse to belive this game became self aware and just headed out to lunch.
  4. Yes I have. And i think I found it, update direct x runtimes to all of them and it should be fine.
  5. whenever i install platnium, no matter what i do, it always fails to load the porsche cayman. I dont know why. I have uninstalled and reinstalled dozens of times, and i even used other veriosn people claim to have gotten to work. i am out of ideas. Big BNK is active v1.12 is isntalled. Community pack and mega car pack is also.
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