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  1. Hi @JazzAndSoul! You can buy TDU 2 for steam with cd keys, but ensure, that CD keys you buy, are meant to be activated on steam :D
  2. After taking a look at 3-party reseller website reviews, I don't recommend anyone to buy TDU 2 keys from those places, especially G2A. It's safer to buy them in Ebay/Amazon! @Osakasan @Hentsi Thanks for information :D
  3. Hi @Avid2545768! Thanks for sharing video here! But can you please upload your vides in youtube in future, if possible? Because most users don’t know Chinese :D
  4. And how to play on the server with you? I just do not know

    1. Giiushka


      Hi! You can cruise, race or Co-Drive with me by driving near me and pressing Enter. After that a menu will show up on the top left side of screen and you can select to race or Co-Drive with me :)

  5. Did you get my label image..?

    1. Giiushka
    2. Oblibs


      Thanks for letting me in, but I'm disabled from posting or chatting there

  6. You need TDU 2 copy (Preferably Steam) to join our main discord server!
  7. Hi @WardenRomeo! Nice to see you here :D
  8. I just saw, that today is your birthday! Happy birthday @SP038! I wish everything best for you ???
  9. Car meets would be really amazing thing!
  10. Hi Alexey! Welcome here and thank you for supporting our project! Nice to meet you :D
  11. True, but I hope, It would be as good as previous two
  12. Honestly, with stable server, I would like to see More Character and Car Customization, Increased Club Functionality, More Social Elements implemented into games and new beautiful big island :D
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