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  1. I bought it three or four years ago i think,but i'm not sure about that
  2. But i have gtx 750ti and i have the same problem,and that's not a new video card
  3. I don't know,my game works but sometimes i get a big fps drop,but after that drop,it never happen again when i'm playing. Try to set TestDrive.exe in administrator mode, it maybe works.
  4. I don't know. I have legal dvd copy of the game. Maybe download another crack because if the game asks for serial key,the crack is not working. But i can't help you sorry. I don't know much about cracked games
  5. Have you got legal copy of the game?
  6. Try to start the game with universal launcher open this link to download the launcher
  7. So,everybody has a different problem,i think i re-install my game, maybe it solve the problem
  8. And if your game also doesn't work,the unoffical patch has its own uninstaller
  9. You need to download the retail version of the unofficial patch or download the unpacker and download the version for unpacked game and after that you need to select the main game folder and it will install it,but mine didn't work
  10. No,the whole game freeze sometimes
  11. Your game don't freeze? My game sometimes do (sorry for my english)
  12. But,sometimes it stuck and i can't do anything.
  13. Thank you very much! It works fine
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