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  1. You don't have to worry about it
  2. Ummmm orginal file is empty ?TDU2MP i found on GitHub
  3. This is New Download Link, decompress all files to TDU2 directory and overwrite. use UpLauncher or TDU2 Universal Launcher to launch game all ok. Start game from steam: ignore the [ERROR #01], click "Cancel" - PLAY - "play offline":Yes But I recommend using TDU2 Universal Launcher.
  4. Sorry~The package cannot be updated directly from the steam version(v063), i will upload the full package again~
  5. try to use "TDU2 Universal Launcher" to launch the game
  6. delete patch.big and patch.map
  7. Today I uploaded an update package to Google drive, I think this should help a lot of people. Click to download package #Decompress all files to TDU2 directory, overwrite:
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