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  1. I would like to update my first post with another step to do. This step: if game works and you have some backup space, maybe quit the game and backup whole C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited and then apply the Platinum pack over mentioned directory: download 1 or download 2 . The downloaded files should have some kind of readme/installation text file so follow it. Subscribe to the discussion topic under link "download 1" and ask there if you have any issue. issues: - connecting to testdrive server - unable to connect - try to delete TDU from Windows firewall and any other firewall. If that does not help, try to add it again among allowed firewall apps, try temporarily disabling firewall.
  2. On Linux i was able to play (but not online). On Windows 7 and 10 i was able to play online as per the tutorials.
  3. Source of the tutorials (maybe a bit more up to date): https://internetlifeforum.com/computers-technology/13462-test-drive-unlimited-1-tdu1-project-paradise-online-mod-windows-7-tutorial/ https://internetlifeforum.com/computers-technology/5175-how-run-tdu1-windows-10-a/
  4. I am from EU, been playing TDU1 and TDU2 online. Now returned back to TDU1 since Project Paradise online mod. I love full speed driving without stopping.
  5. Online game play of TDU1 depends on a one or a few persons behind the Project Paradise (linked above). Check that linked discussion thread recent posts for possible updates. As of writing the online game play with other players works good.
  6. Test Drive Unlimited 1 (TDU1) tutorials for Windows 7 & Windows 10 + online multiplayer The tutorial on how i installed the Test Drive Unlimited 1 (TDU1) online gaming on Windows 7 64bit and it WORKED I have stock DVD, but there are also .iso etc. images that can be mounted using Alcohol 52 software. - I have installed SDIO and updated all drivers, especialy graphic adapter (which should support Windows 7 64bit and DirectX 9 in order to install drivers and run TDU). - Installed Net Framework 4 (unsure if necessary) and restarted computer. - Installed game launched OK. So i quit it and continue: - After adding Paradise launcher .exe and d3d9.dll into game directory (per the instructions in tdu_client.zip), game not started, nothing appeared but process was running so i had to kill it via Windows Task manager. - I launched "TDU_PC_Patch_166A - Test Drive Unlimited Patch 1.66A.exe". Then game (launched via "TDU - Project Paradise Launcher.exe") saying: "A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (5024). Please have a look at ... securom ...". - That error is related to some protection in regards to CD/DVD rom so i coppied the cracked .exe to my game directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited). Crack is from the Hatred crack team, archive: htd-tdu6.zip (VirusTotal clean, unmodified, see alternative DLs) and launched "TDU - Project Paradise Launcher.exe" and it launched immediately (i selected Big bnk during launch). - I created new offline profile and i am driving successfuly. Now how to use my already built profile from the past times. I quit the game. Go to C:\Users\MyUserName\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited, rename savegame to savegame_ and paste savegame with my own old profile. Note that there are savegames to DL on the net possibly, but you can also start a new profile from the game. - I can now use my offline profile, but when i switch to online one, it seems to connect the server and when i click to Continue game, the game stop working and i can only close the program: - i have found that my savegame (C:\Users\MyUserName\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited) was possibly somehow badly modified by my previous attempts to make the game working, so i renamed the savegame folder and copied over my fresh savegame backup, that did it and all working. - - - TDU1 Project paradise group on FB: TDU Project Paradise Group =========================================== It can be tricky to run Test Drive Unlimited 1 on the Windows 10 OS because TDU1 DVD is claimed to use SecuROM v7 kind of protection. And Windows 10 do not support SecuROM if i am correct. As my laptop do not have DVD ROM, i tried many CD grabbers/image creators to create image that i will mount as virtual DVD ROM and play the game. But no luck, it always failed thanks to SecuROM. Workarounds: a) install lower version of the Windows (Maybe W8) and run TDU on lower version of the Windows b) apply the no CD cr*ack into the TDU directory (mentioned below on how to do it) c) do not play TDU1 Play TDU1 on Windows 10: 1) Install game thru physical DVD or .iso image mounted as virtual DVD ROM & install mega pack, serials (mirror). 2) Install Test Drive Unlimited Patch 1.66A (see alternative DLs) 3) apply no-CD crack that is made for v. 1.66A: (see alternative DLs) replacing original TDU1 .exe file located in Program Files / Atari / Test Drive Unlimited 4) copy your TDU1 online profile folder into C:\Users\YOURUSERAMEHERE\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\YOYURNICKNAME In the savegame folder have to be also file ProfileList.dat . If you don't have profile, you will create new in game. 5) download Project Paradise Mod (if you want to play online multiplayer): http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/29561-test-drive-unlimited-project-paradise-v003a-public-beta-available 6) launch "TDU - Project Paradise Launcher" exe file, because stock exe file will fail to connect new TDU1 multiplayer server/s! 7) select your existing online profile in the game (if not have one, create new). Confirm that the nickname is valid. Tick the tickbox of GameSpy. Do NOT touch/modify your email and password. And execute. Profile should be loaded and you be on the Hawai along with other players all around the world ). -------- Facebook group: TDU Project Paradise Group =================================================== it may work on Linux too: How to run Test Drive Unlimited 1 (TDU1) on Linux
  7. my TDU 3 wishlist: - Community should be able to host their own servers while these would be connected into a mesh network of servers so every server can see all other players on other servers. - easy customization and adding new custom cars while other people not see a ghost car, but real car - high end graphic card not needed, various graphics settings - ability to disable night/snow and such modes
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