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  1. Ah I will have to try that and thank you for your responses. And one last thing going back to sound, how do I get the radio to how it was in the unmodified game? I've tried doing the same thing I did with the radio folder in BNK/Sound like I did with the music for the car dealers but whenever I turn on the radio its gone silent.
  2. Oh ok I got the original back, so thanks. As for the handling I do use a keyboard and I think I used whatever the assisted drive mode that helps prevent you from sliding the car so easily. I just thought it felt weird compared to before. Also I am assuming all the cars that start in the game are there, but just moved to other dealers.
  3. I have two things to say, One why did you replace the music for car dealers and is there anyway to change it back? And Two why does car handling now feel very weird and off?
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