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  1. Wasn't able to test over the weekend since you guys had maintenance on the backend, which is completely understandable. I removed the dll's, installed the 4GB patch and seems to work smoothly besides that one massive map hang per start up. Not sure how your team is going to handle fixing the map hang because that can be a major turn off to many players (Including content creators when they realize about the mod). I will say this created a new set of problems while trying to alt+tab the map for your very first boot up. 1: In most cases during alt tabbing the screen will go black and my monit
  2. Hey Aquarious, You got rid of the DXVK files? I'll remove them again and test some more over the weekend. Since you also mentioned making the game more demanding I'll attempt 4k settings + 59 Hz as well because I did skip 3840x2160 testing all together due to the age of the game. To be fair, I didn't stick long in 59 Hz because that was during the first reinstall and that's when I had dll's inside the folder too. I did in fact have the dll's equipped for both of those video clips. Before downloading those files it was still crashing a lot, but not to this level after reinstalling. Durin
  3. Hello, I've been running into multiple issues with the publicly released TDU World mod. The past few days I've been troubleshooting/understanding some problems and seems to get worse the more I play to test stability. I really want to do a let's play on twitch to revisit TDU2 (with online working), but feels like it really hates new pc hardware compared to playing TDU1 Platinum with no hiccups on game problems. Game version: TDU2 DLC2 v034 | TDU World Launcher v0.061R ---------- Issue 1: Map freezing/hanging or flatout crashes to desktop while in map screen. I'm aware of switching out d
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