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  1. i also use windows 10 and won't even used the compatibility troubleshooter and it just runs perfectly, take a backup of safe file and reinstall the game and then properly follow the steps for installing the mod thats what i did when it was stuck on the loading and after that it now runs perfectly!
  2. HEY GUYS! thanks a lot for the help, i properly followed the steps and now can run the game without any problems or bugs, it works perfectly on my pc at first i gave up but when i followed the steps it worked perfectly, and now i am happy playing it! THANKS AGAIN!
  3. i think i have not done a clean installation! i directly extracted the platinium and started the game do you think using the iso file for mounting and then performing a clean installation will help? see, i am newbie. so please kindly help me as i have never played any test drive game or installed one.
  4. my game is stuck on loading screen? it gets into an infinite loading screen after clicking on new game or continue game
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