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    ZoM reacted to Wildcat for a file, Casino Island Freeroam.   
    Replaces Ibiza with Casino island + all it's goodies. 
    Entering the casino clothing store and cosmetic surgery from the map will soft lock your game, as well as leaving the casino for Ibiza.
    Confirmed to work online in TDU World as well. 🙂 Players without the mod will be sent to the nearest coastline, and same for mod users.
    Install instructions here: 
    Some videos here: 
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    ZoM reacted to Aquarious for a file, TDU World: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiplayer Mod   
    TDU World is finally here! On the 10th anniversary of Test Drive Unlimited 2, we are releasing the first version of our multiplayer mod.
    In the future, we will expand on the features of our mod. But for now, the gamemode most valuable to players - freeroam - is fully working after extensive testing by our beta tester team.
    How to install (V1.01):
    Step 1: Installing TDU2
    Perform a clean install of Test Drive Unlimited 2 Go here and download Update DLC2 v034 (Warning: Russian versions of the game may crash when using this version of the updates. You may need the RU Pack!) Once downloaded, install the patch by copying all files to your Test Drive Unlimited 2 directory Step 2: Unpacking TDU2
    Go here and download the TDU2 Unpacker GUI Rename your current Test Drive Unlimited 2 directory to TDU2 Stock Create a new folder in the folder where the TDU2 Stock directory is located, called Test Drive Unlimited 2 Run the Unpacker and let it unpack the TDU2 Stock folder to the new Test Drive Unlimited 2 folder. This will create a full new copy of the game, using the original directory path. Copy the key.txt from the original directory over to the new directory.
    If the key.txt file does not exist in your directory, create the text file yourself and paste your game key inside.

    To get the Steam overlay to work, copy steam_api.dll from the old directory over to the new one manually. Step 3: Installing TDU World
    Go to TDUWorld.com & register an account After registering is completed, head to the Download tab and download the installer. Run the installer and install it to the unpacked Test Drive Unlimited 2 directory. Remove any existing save files in Documents\Eden Games\Test Drive Unlimited 2 Open the game and register a new account using your TDU World credentials. Congratulations, you can now play online!  
    Current features
    Player logins & lobbying Free roam, including: Car functionality (i.e. lights, horn, windows, exhaust sounds) Chat (including profanity filter) Co-op driving Instant Challenges (PvP Races) Online police chases Voice chatting Vehicle Liveries (car colour, stickers, etc.) Dealerships & other player rooms (excluding houses) Both islands (Ibiza & O'ahu (Hawaii)) Report/Banning system (All User Offenses) Traffic (AI) GPS player count Joining players via the Map All single player content like races and the timed events still works as normal Known issues
    There is extensive rain on Ibiza Clock does work, but can glitch from time to time DLC cannot be unlocked yet After closing the launcher, the process keeps running in the background Cars on the map show up as "Car Not Downloaded" Game not launching after pressing "Play" in the launcher Lobbying issues, you might not see anyone at the moment! The map hotkey seems to be bound to a different key than M for some people. This version does not include any mods yet! Those will be released later.
    Project Managers
    Server Developers
    Website Developer
    Special thanks to
    Eden Games
    TDU2 fans all over the world!
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    ZoM reacted to Ztryka531 for a file, Test Drive Unlimited Save File 100% for Platinum   
    Hello guys, I am Ztryka and this is my first file upload for TDU. Its a 100% TDU save file (tested and works with Original TDU and TDU Platinum)
    What's in here?
    + All single player and one multiplayer achievements accomplished!
    + Ace rank guaranteed in TDU Platinum!
    + All 399 clothes bought (except one helmet because of one hitchhiker un-perfect bug)
    + All houses bought
    + $15 million dollars to buy your 2nd vehicle, any car/bike guaranteed!
    + A starting car that works both in original TDU and TDU Platinum.
    + No cheats/trainers used in creating this file, just profile creation, conversions and tons of hard work!
    What are the drawbacks?
    - Its just a guy, no chick or gal file 😞
    - I sold all the cars except one, to ensure that you create your own car list.
    - Hitchhiker Brandon course bug.
    Along with this file includes:
    - TDUAce100 Savegame Folder
    - Readme Install txt
    - TDU1 Offline to Online Profile Conversion Guide txt
    - TDU1 Online to Offline Profile Conversion Guide txt
    Race and cruise in O'ahu Paradise, e hau'oli!
    --- Ztryka ---
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    ZoM reacted to Jorgemodek for a file, JorgeModek's TDU2 Sound Pack 1   
    A reupload of JorgeModek's great Sound Pack for TDU2. Creating a backup before installing is recommended.
    Installation: copy 'Euro' folder to TDU2 directory, overwrite all files.
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    ZoM reacted to Xarlith for a file, TDU2 Unpacker GUI   
    TDU2: Unpacker GUI
    This is a completely rewritten version of my DLC2 unpacker which somehow disappeared from this board. Anyway, it does the same job as the previous one but has friendly user interface.
    Unpacks the game into any directory (ability to run unpacked or unmodified game at any time) Works for all TDU2 versions (EU/RU/PL/ES/GE/FR/IT/JA) Easy uninstaller Automatically downloads Knyazev's TDU2 : Universal Launcher Instructions:
    Download and run the Unpacker GUI following the instructions It is NOT recommended to unpack game anywhere within Program Files directory (needs further testing) After installer finishes its job set proper paths to the game in Universal Launcher's settings Credits:
    Xarlith - GUI Interface and filelist updates qwerty - unpacker script, first filelist vagos21 - filelist updates Chipicao - filelist updates Kulczakk - filelist updates tomsolo - filelist updates binbow - filelist updates (Japanese) aluigi - QuickBMS author  
    If you are an user of Unofficial Patch do not run TDU2 without applying the patch first. Otherwise all add-on cars you bought will be converted into Miami's Mustang :crying:!
    If you want to publish this program on another site please contact me via PM and do not change download link!
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