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  1. Does anyone know of a way to enable the side activities like car deliveries and passenger pickups on hardcore mode? Project paradise enables the races in hardcore mode and I find them a real cool challenge, but it would be even cooler to do car deliveries and side activities to make money in hardcore mode itself.
  2. I have seen this but avoided it since it was for version 1.01. Does it work for 1.12?
  3. First off, this mod is absolutely incredible! I don't know how much the physics were tweaks for the modded cars but coming from Assetto Corsa, some of these cars are spot-on in hardcore mode! I have one request though: make Hardcode mode unlocked by default, or at least make it an option to gain champion status by default. It took me several hours to unlock and I basically cheesed it by buying cars and doing a single challenge over and over again. I have several friends who won't try this game coming from Assetto Corsa simply because of this limitation. Sim racing enthusiasts like me would be crawling all over this game if hardcore mode could be used from the get go.
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